I recently discovered your site and am really enjoying it! Lately the idea of sucking off a black guy has really been on my mind a LOT for whatever reason. Truth is I haven't been with one in many years, having dated mostly whites and Latinos. Yet right now the thought of taking one in my mouth and... oh yeah, baby! Problem is I really have no idea how to go about doing this without looking like a complete idiot. I'm in my 40s and wonder if that is an issue. Any thoughts or ideas on this?

i have a huge backlog of mail like’s time to address it cos it confuses me a little and just proves that there is still a major disconnect between blk and white guys. it’s interesting that i don’t get ANY correspondence from blk men complaining about the lack of white men to fuck. does this mean that blk men are just not interested in fucking white guys, or does it mean that there are plenty of available white guys out there to fuck so there is no shortage to complain about? this could lead one to believe that there are more white guys out there that want blk guys. there are 15,000 plus people that follow this blog, all of different creeds and colors, so there are a ton of people interested in interracial sex. we are not even talking about relationships here, that’s a whole different topic. i would understand if the general tone of complaint was that white guys can’t find black guys to date..that i understand more..we are talking about intercultural differences at that point, where the approval of family and peers come in to play. but sex is just sex right? maybe the interest is purely a fantasy based one that guys feel they don’t need to act upon. maybe there is some fear and hesitation from both races to explore. one thing i have noticed is that the majority of these posts are from american guys, a country founded on racial divide, this proves the divide is still alive today. people in europe are more evolved. we call new york the melting pot, but whenever i go home i see clearly that london is the true melting pot. people of all races actually hang out and party together socially, most people form solid friendships with all races, interracial sex is not some clandestine down-low operation that takes place far from your neighborhood and is never to be spoken of again, interracial couples are normal, blk and white couples and mixed race babies are everywhere. it’s an older culture to be sure and we do not share the same history as america, but my blkinwhite manifesto hardly makes sense in london. does segregation exist online? i have recently found myself on apps such as scruff and grinder etc, a virtual free for all of available sex. i find it hard to believe that two guys of different races cannot hook up in this day and age. i see the millenial generation is way more open to interracial sex than older generations, which makes sense, as color barriers are being torn down in every section of modern culture, i.e sports, business, entertainment and especially politics. whiteboys: be more aggressive in your approach, i still sense fear in you guys sometimes, maybe you are afraid of what people think, or about being rejected by blk guys. if enough guys are more vocal about their need for this kind of sex maybe the blk men you seek will respond accordingly. blk guys: you should respond and respect that whiteboys seek your attention, i understand there is also stigma in blk culture for fucking/dating white guys. i have gotten shit from other blk guys in the past for seeming weak or trying to be too booshy or being accused of self hatred, none of which is true. i guess i shouldn’t protest too much..this means more whiteass for me ;) but seriously i have to say i have zero problems engaging hot whiteboys real life scenarios they tend to be a little more held back, so this reticence goes both ways. whiteboys you also have to ask yourselves why in real life you don’t behave the way you would online. meanwhile my little blog that could is turning scores of whiteboys on to the joys of servicing blk men, so please blk guys step up to meet this demand. blk and white men have a lot to learn from each other in many ways. we have to overcome all barriers if we want to connect. i guess my point is; in 2014 why am i still getting this kind of correspondence? or is this cultural divide what makes interracial gay sex so damn hot? blk and white guys please weigh in. thx!


I've been craving BBC lately just can't find any :(


Hi I'm a white boy living in Australia. Stumbled across your blog and now I'm hooked. Where can I white Aussie boy find black men to worship? Should I move to the US?

yeah that would help. or any other country were there are actually some blk guys to worship..good luck.