I fucking love your blog. I wish I could find a real black man who loved real white men. I can never find a real man willing to be with another masculine man. I'd love to be with a man as strong and masculine as me not some sissy. I wish I could service your beautiful cock. Thanks for the blog and increasing the frustration of a damn good white bottom.

there’s plenty of good blk dick out there. you masculine white guys who want  strong blk men in your lives have to start being more vocal about it. your chances will be better if you know how to approach and interact with blk men. talk to the blk guy at work you are always making eye contact with. or the dude strutting around the gym, who would surely welcome a compliment or two from you. or the guy in your neighborhood that you think is so hot. sex is the by-product of forging some kind of connection. to find a black man who will love a real white man, you have to be real. you will be more successful if you have more to offer than just ass. friendship, understanding and support go a long way, and that goes for any man.

I I am just learning about my attraction. It is kind of scary where do you live?Jason

there’s nothing to be scared of son. i think what’s scary is not the situation but understanding that this is what you want. relax and enjoy! embrace your attraction to blk men. if you find someone you like let him know. the sooner you open up to all of lifes possibilities the sooner you will have a sweet blk dick stretching out both of your holes..good boy.

Do you prefer white bois who are more masculine or more feminine?

i like both. a big strong guy who will open up his hole to me in a very masculine, feral way is extremely powerful. i’m a big guy 5.11 200+ pounds, thick meaty rugby build..whenever i’ve paired up with a guy my size the results have been pretty explosive. it’s what i call a clash of the titans fuck..the attitude is what stokes the fire. knowing he is masculine and is also claiming the submissive role, and owning that as part of his maleness blows my mind completely. on the other end of the spectrum you have beautiful young boys who can be soft, vulnerable and willing to please. there is a shift in mentality here as a boyish more feminine type inspires me to train and mentor him to want, take and fully expect good blk dick in his pink cunt whenever it’s necessary. i’ve always felt a responsibility to love and nurture boys, fuck them well and as often as possible, i want to fuck them open. they send the message out to other young whiteboys that being with a good strong blk man is a positive and enlightening experience to have.