I hope you know that you have the hottest blog on Tumblr, by FAR.... Even though I've never had black cock in me before, I constantly crave it now and can't wait until I have the honor and privilege of having sex with a black man 😘 Thank you for having such an amazing blog, keep up the awesome work 😉

happy you are inspired to take serve a blk man. i created this blog to turn guys on to the joys of interracial sex, particularly people like you who have never tried it. there are soo many hot blogs on tumblr so thanks for the compliment. you are a boy in need of a daddy, i am a daddy in need of a boy, lets go get what we need. good luck to you..please be sure to let me know whenever you take your first blk dick. i hope it blows your mind! blk/in/white. 


I just came across this blog so I know nothing of the situation, but I am sorry to hear you lost your boy.

thank you..these things happen. people have different needs that need to be met and are at different stages of development. sometimes these differences can work in our favor and sometimes not. for me there is nothing better than having a devoted willing whiteboy at my side to love and support search continues. take care and thanks again.

Hey I know we've been following each other for a while. In celebration of my tumblr getting fifty followers, my black bf and I are going to post some pics of us fucking, but we'll do it in whatever position our fans want us to. Have any requests? ;)

congrats! my fav positions are doggy (of course) and i love to watch a white guy riding a big blk dick with the top reaching around with his hands and spreading his bttms hole wide open around his meat. take good care of each other. blk/in/white